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Information Technology Consulting can potentially be the deciding factor in your firm's overall efficiency. Proper technology integration can minimize operational cost and maximize organizational effectiveness. It is essential to firms in today's global economy to remain current on technological innovations and their application.

The only constant in Technology is change. For many companies, making practical use of technology requires the advice of a Technology Consultant. Caltalis Consultants advise companies on the scope and dimensions of Technology and its impact on business.

What is the right Cloud strategy? Is information adequately protected? How effective is the company’s IT spending? What technology innovations can improve your business today? Caltalis Consultants strive to answer these questions for your company’s unique challenges and goals.

Caltalis believes that an effective IT Consultant saves money.


Small and Medium Businesses have two basic options for IT maintenance and support services. They can purchase install hardware, software and tools, hire the resources and control everything from top to bottom, or they can outsource IT support services to experts.

The Caltalis Managed Services platform provides enterprise class monitoring, tools, management, security and control to assure that networked devices, files and vital resources remain up and running. Caltalis Managed Services is a white glove service that is tailored to SMB companies to bring high value innovations, methodologies and customer service. The service is staffed with professional Technicians, Systems Administrators, Consultants, Engineers and Project Managers to assure consistency and rapid resolutions.

One size does not fit all. SMB companies benefit from tailoring the SLA, coverage model, and services to fit their business. Caltalis believes that providing this level of flexibility enables us to address client needs with precision, efficiency and saving.


One of the most significant trends in the world of technology has been the shift away from local storage and toward a cloud-based alternative. Large businesses that once hosted racks of servers are now relying instead of cloud-based storage to keep their networks safe and their resources available.

There are numerous cloud-based storage models available, from large server farms hosted by tech giants like Amazon to smaller operations established and maintained by smaller firms. No matter which solution you choose, moving from the local storage model to the cloud offers a number of benefits, from lower storage cost per gigabyte to greater efficiency and easier availability for traveling workers and remote clients. If your firm has not yet moved to the cloud, now is the perfect time to act.


Information security has never been more important. Threats have become sophisticated, frequent and pervasive. Data protection, identity management, intrusion prevention and threat mitigation have become essential to conducting business in safety.

Data loss prevention begins with a company’s understanding of its risks and applying practical policies. Caltalis Cyber Security provide visibility, rapid detection, protection and tailored mitigation approaches. We know that despite the best preventative measure, breaches can occur. Our proactive measures and threat correlation results in rapid mitigation of security incidents.

Penetration test or a security assessment? Responding to client and regulatory compliance? Contact a Caltalis Consultant to discuss the options.


When it comes to managing your IT infrastructure, you do not have to choose between a dedicated IT staff and remotely managed IT services. With Caltalis Brightsource supplemental staffing, you can have the best of both worlds, maintaining a lean operation and still having the resources you need to ramp up quickly and respond to growth opportunities and unforeseen events.

Brightsource supplemental staffing can be used in a number of different ways. If you need to upgrade or roll out new systems without impacting productivity, you can use supplemental staff to make the switch over the weekend. If you are bringing a new product to market, supplemental staff can give you the IT support you need to manage the extra load on your servers and network resources. If your network suffers an intrusion or sudden downtime, supplemental staffing can help you recover quickly and stop a temporary problem from turning into a permanent one. No matter what your needs, supplemental staffing can help you manage your IT resources more effectively and at a lower cost.


Managing the product lifecycle is one of the biggest challenges for any business. Whether you are running a brand new startup or an established company, staying up with the latest technology and making sure your staff have the resources needed to do their jobs is essential.

The world of technology moves so quickly that even relatively new computers are quickly out of date. By the time they are four or five years old, those once-new workstations may be hopelessly sluggish, impacting the productivity of your employees and impacting everything you do.

That is why it is so important to get the product lifecycle right. If you upgrade too quickly, you could be spending more money on IT infrastructure than you need to. If you replace your workstations too slowly, the productivity of your employees, and your entire company, could suffer.

Caltalis product lifecycle expert can help you strike the right balance, upgrading your workstations at just the right time and building a solid IT infrastructure you can rely on. Finding the right product lifecycle can help your business become more competitive by lowering your costs and improving the efficiency of your operations.