High Frequency Unified 360º Data Protection with DataFirst Solutions

Looking to secure and connect all data space in real time? DataFirst is your answer. Caltalis is a distinguished DataFirst services provider offering all-embracing data-first solutions to businesses looking to transform the way they approached compliance, data protections, and management of data.


Ranked amongst the best IT consulting firms, Caltalis is a one-stop destination for comprehensive and best-in-the-class Data Protection and Archiving Solutions. Choosing Caltalis DataFirst achieve a smoother cross-team collaboration and streamlined flow of information. Caltalis AI delivers high-frequency cloud data protection solutions to small and medium businesses. Our approach helps you identify and resolve data gaps and mitigates the inherent risk of early stages backup and data protection projects. Our proven strategic process assures sponsorship and adoption. Protect valuable data with DataFirst while reducing cost and complexities.


DataFirst is required Disaster Management Solution

Caltalis’ DataFirst aims to be the small and medium size companies’ reliable data protection company with a comprehensive backup and DR management solution for catastrophe. The DataFirst service empowers SMEs with effective high frequency continuous data protection data protection and recovery solution available. It is time protect your corporate data, embrace DataFirst high-frequency cloud backup and recovery solutions.


Mitigate the risk of outage and down-time

Choose DataFirst to mitigate outages. Caltalis partners with Microsoft Azure, Google AWS, and IBM WebSphere to assure service availability and continuity. Data is securely replicated across private zones to assuring your business information is protected.  In the case of a primary outage your data is available in moments. DataFirst is a future-ready solution that is highly scalable and enables you to extend the backup to cloud or across various platforms with the highest level of protection. Improve your existing processes with robust built-in analytics and ultra-modern automation and orchestration tools.